Ansalonian Calendar

Many on Ansalon have little need for an elaborate calendar. Most people are content to know merely if it is day or night. However, there are some who require more accuracy: mages require exact times for certain rituals; historians like to keep meticulous records; and merchants require precise logging for some types of transactions.

There are many diverse calendars used throughout Ansalon. The Ergoth calendar is commonly used by the majority of Ansalon.

Note: The calendars detailed below are the calendars familiar to your characters.

Months of the Year

Month Ergoth Plainsmen Kender
January Aelmont Ice Glaze Snowfun
February Rannmont Snow Deep Darktime
March Mishamont Mountain Thaw Windsong
April Chislmont Earth Wakes Raindrum
May Bran Flower Blooms Flowerfield
June Corij Home Earth Homefriends
July Argon Raging Fire Wandertime
August Sirrimont Dying Ember Summerlaze
September Reorxmont Harvest Home Harvestfete
October Hiddumont Leaf Gild Leafplay
November H’rarmont Dark Cold Bleakcold
December Phoenix Frost Eve Blessings

Days of the Week

Days Ergoth Plainsmen Kender
Sunday Gileadai Friend Day Praise Day
Monday Luindai Hunt Day Light Day
Tuesday Nuindai Share Day Fire Day
Wednesday Soldai Gather Day Winds Day
Thursday Manthus Barter Day Waters Day
Friday Shinarai Worship Day Ground Day
Saturday Boreadai Council Day Shadow Day

Ansalonian Calendar

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