Balifor is a rugged land comprised of harsh deserts, expansive savannahs, and coastlines with jagged cliffs. Most of Balifor is flat and desolate. To the north, the warmer climes and moisture have resulted in lush grasslands and thick forests. The soils of the north and east are rich and bountiful.

Continuing south, the rich grasslands give way to sparser savannahs and stretches of desert. The plainsmen of the Fin-Maskar claim these lands. The southern reaches that were once lush forests now end in a mixture of stubborn grasslands and windswept fields of sand. The normally flat sands of the northern regions begin to become rocky and jagged toward the coast, where part of the continent literally fell into the sea. Paths wind through rocky ridges and shallow ravines, blown by a seemingly perpetually sand-filled wind, making travel by sea much more preferable.

The region of Balifor is largely comprised of roughneck humans, both civilized and barbaric, who live in the harsh deserts and dry savannahs of the jagged eastern peninsula of the continent. These rugged individuals tend to leave one another alone for the most part.

More often than not, the people of Balifor are industrious honest folk who are just trying to get by in life. They are comprised largely of the nomadic tribes that used to dwell in the desert wastes.

Port Balifor is the nominal capital of the region, even though it is not officially recognized as such by the desert nomads of the region. In fact the other port towns of Flotsam and Calihand only call it the capital because it is the largest civilized settlement in the region.

Map of Balifor and Goodlund


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