Goodlund is comprised of three major territories: Kenderwood Forest, the Laughing Lands, and the Dairy Plains.

The stubborn grasslands of Balifor give way in the east to the lush forests of the Kenderwood. The forest is home to the first nation of kender, Kendermore. The massive Kenderwood Forest runs south, dwindling into a twenty-five mile strip of woods that runs all the way to the southern shore of the peninsula before widening again.

Beyond the Kenderwood Forest to the east lays the winding Wendlewrithing River. Across the Wendlewrithing River are the Laughing Lands. Named by kender for the sounds of the cackling, nomadic, hyena-type gnolls that dwell there, the Laughing Lands are a region comprised of endless dry grass plains, broken by regions of sandy wastes and barren rock.

Continuing east across a bay of turbulent waters, known simply as the Maw, are the rolling grasslands of the Dairly Plains. Stretches of verdant grasses broken by spare copses of woods and scrublands filled with exotic plants blanket the region. The storms and waters of the southern plains of this region can be violent and dangerous, complementing the many wild-sounding names of the area.

Map of Balifor and Goodlund


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