Port Balifor

The town of Port Balifor is known as the gateway to the east. Merchants, farmers, pirates, kender, and barbarians all congregate there to trade with one another.

The town is built in a sheltered cove on the west coast of Goodlund, bordering the east coast of the Bay of Balifor. It is comprised of a mixture of wooden and stone buildings all cramped together in a small space. As the town grew in size, the residents chose to build their stores over a series of docks and wharves. Fully half the town is situated over the water. The raised docks and platforms, supported by pilings, extend far into the bay to reach deeper waters. Shadowed alleyways and narrow, crowded streets, slick with salt water lead from the docks to the city proper.

A council of merchants, lead by Orwell Harwich, rule Port Balifor. A known den for pirates and smugglers, the council always turns a blind eye to illicit activities, which often serves to fatten their purses.

A large slum is located between the docks and the other more reputable businesses and residential areas of the town. The north end of the town is mostly comprised of warehouses storing both legal and illegal goods. The south end of Port Balifor is home to the few legitimate businesses and residences.

Map of Port Balifor

Port Balifor

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